Why Your Podcast Needs To Be On Youtube

Podcasts, as incredible as they are, are a new medium to most people. Its a different kind of experience and behaviour. So, while we wait for the incredible tipping point where digital audio consumption takes over from video consumption you gonna need to be smart. You need to be thinking about, if you are not doping it already – putting your podcast on Youtube. Now that doesn’t mean putting up the audio with a still image, this ends very badly. Although being present on YouTube it offers very little value to the person consuming it to truly experience something different.


So, here’s what you gonna do; take a camera (Phone or DSLR) and record yourself and your guests recording the podcast. Its meta, we know. But with the massive success of entities like the Joe Rogan Experience, The Joe Budden Podcast &Pharrell Williams’ OTHERtone –  video cannot be ignored. Not only does it extend your podcast distribution channels – it allows for a completely different experience for your listens to engage with. YouTube consumption is not something you want to lose, and why stop there. Instagram TV & Facebook offer distribution for your content to new listers to engage.


Go where your future listeners are and engage them the way they want to be engaged. Video presents a unique opportunity to market your podcasts to people who don’t know what podcasts are or possibly want to get into it but need that extra bit of value to understand why they should.


If that’s not enough, here’s and explainer:


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