Learning & Courses


Coursera: Free online classes from 80+ top universities & organizations.

Khan Academy: Free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Skillshare: Unlock your creativity with free online classes & projects.

Codecademy: Learn to code interactively, for free.

How to start a startup: As an Audio Podcast or As Online Course

Startup Notes: Startup School invites amazing founders to tell their story.

The How: Learn from entrepreneurs.

Launch This Year: Guide to help you launch your online business.

Closed Club: Browse shut-down start-ups & learn why they closed.

Startup Talks: A curated collection of startup related videos.

Rocketship.fm: Learn from successful entrepreneurs each week.

reSRC.io: All free programming learning resources.

The Lean LaunchPad: How to Build a Startup.

TalentBuddy: Learn to code.

Mixergy: Learn from proven entrepreneurs.


Hackdesign: Receive a design lesson in your inbox each week.

Primer: No-nonsense, jargon-free marketing lessons (by Google).

KeepYourFriendsClose: A free e-book about maximizing Customer Lifetime Value.

Pricing Course: A free 9-day course on charging what you’re worth.

Email Course for Sponsorships: How to get sponsorships for anything.

Startup Sales Course: A free course to help you become a better marketer.

Build an online course: A free course to help you build an online course.

MailCharts: A FREE email course to help you become a better marketer.


FirstSiteGuide: The beginner’s guide to successful blogging.

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