How to Submit A Podcast Apple Podcasts

 To get started you will need a Apple ID, check out: How to create an Apple ID – One you have this out the way you can click here to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts/iTunes – 

Check out the full tutorial on this video and the detailed instructions below:

Test Your Podcast

We recommend testing your podcast before submitting it via Podcasts Connect to ensure that your feed meets our technical requirements. This also helps you review your show’s media and metadata to ensure it displays as intended on Apple Podcasts for both iOS and Mac.

Validate Your Podcast

Podcasts Connect validates your podcast RSS feed as part of the submission process.

Validation is strictly a technical evaluation to ensure the RSS feed:

  • Includes show cover art and episode media files

Validate your RSS feed in Podcasts Connect manually or by using a pass-through URL.

Passing validation doesn’t necessarily mean your podcast will be approved.

Manual validation

Watch the Podcasts Connect Basics video tutorial and follow these steps:

  1. Within My Podcasts, select the Add Podcast button.
  2. Enter the RSS feed URL in the field.
  3. Select Validate.
  4. Review and fix any validation warnings or errors, if applicable. Then, select Validate again.
  5. If your feed validates successfully, Podcasts Connect will display a preview of your show.
  6. Review the preview. Pay attention to the artwork and your show and episode metadata, such as title, author name, description, language, and category.
  7. If ready, select Submit.
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