How To Make Money On Facebook – Paid Online Events

To set up paid online events, your Page must be in a region where paid online events are available. Your Page and content will also need to be in compliance with:

Partner Monetisation Policies

Paid Online Events Terms and Conditions

To get started with paid online events, navigate to the Paid online events onboarding page. Please note that Page eligibility for monetisation is a separate requirement from being in a region where paid online events are available – both must be met in order to set up a paid online event.

If your Page is not yet using a Facebook monetisation product, it will undergo a review process which includes making sure that your Page passes our Partner Monetisation Policies. This review process is separate from the review process for individual products – even if your Page meets individual product requirements, it must pass at the Page level first before you can monetise. If your Page does not meet our Partner Monetisation Policies or does not pass our other requirements, you will be notified via email, along with instructions on how to complete setup or re-apply if your Page is not eligible.

Paid online events that violate our policy guidelines for events will not be allowed to monetise.

To learn more about paid online events, visit our Help Centre.

Earn money now

Inspire loyalty with special access to your live video experiences.

Unlock revenue streams

Create unique online events or supplement revenue streams from in-person events with a new source of revenue

Streamline your events

Save time and effort for you and your fans – create, host and monetise your online events, all in one place

Give your fans access to special live video experiences – earn money with paid online events. Expand your reach to new audiences online, increase accessibility and engagement, and create new offerings.

Earn money with paid online events

Once you’ve onboarded to paid online events, navigate to the Event tab to begin creating an event. Mark your event as an online event, select your event format, enable paid access and publish your paid online event! When guests register to attend your paid online event, they will pay a one-time access charge.Get started

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