Generalist Jobs is Planning to Rebrand With A New Name

Generalist Jobs, a popular job board for non-developer startup jobs, has announced a name change to PAPERSHARE, effective immediately. The change is part of a strategic rebranding effort that aims to better reflect the company’s mission and values, and to position it for future growth and success.

PAPERSHARE was originally founded in 2021 as Generalist Jobs, with a focus on connecting talented professionals with exciting opportunities at startups across South Africa. Since its launch, the platform has become a growing destination for non-developer job seekers and has built a strong reputation for quality and relevance.

The decision to change the name to PAPERSHARE is driven by the desire to better convey the company’s mission and values. PAPERSHARE believes in the power of information sharing, and the importance of connecting talented individuals with the right opportunities. The new name reflects this ethos, and is designed to resonate more deeply with the company’s target audience.

“We are thrilled to announce our new name, PAPERSHARE, which reflects our values and mission to connect talented non-developers with exciting startup opportunities,” said Mashudu Modau, founder of PAPERSHARE parent company FOUNDERSSAUCE. “Our rebranding effort is a key part of our strategy to better serve our users, and to continue to build a leading destination for non-developer talent in South Africa and beyond.”

In addition to the name change, PAPERSHARE has also unveiled a new logo, which are designed to convey the company’s values of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment. The new logo features a stylized paper airplane, which symbolizes the company’s mission to connect talented individuals with exciting opportunities and to help them take flight in their careers.

“We are excited about our new brand identity, which reflects our mission and values in a powerful and meaningful way,” said Mashudu Modau. “We believe that our new name and branding will help us to better connect with our users and to continue to drive growth and success for our platform.”

PAPERSHARE is committed to delivering the best possible experience for non-developer job seekers and startup employers, and the company’s rebranding effort is an important step in this direction. With its new name, logo, and brand identity, PAPERSHARE is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and to become an even more valuable resource for talented individuals and innovative startups across South Africa and beyond.

For more information about PAPERSHARE, please visit

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