How-To Make Your CV/Resume Startup Ready

If you want to apply for a job in a startup, here are 10 things that you should consider including on your CV / resume:

Relevant experience: Highlight any experience that you have that is directly related to the startup’s industry or business model. If you have worked in a similar startup before, or have experience in the specific field or industry, make sure to emphasize it.

Entrepreneurial mindset: Startups value individuals who have a mindset of taking initiative and solving problems. Demonstrate that you are proactive and resourceful, and have experience in being self-directed and taking ownership of tasks.

Results-driven achievements: Showcase measurable achievements, including specific metrics or goals that you exceeded in previous roles. Highlighting how you’ve contributed to successful projects can demonstrate that you can deliver results and add value to the startup.

Adaptability: Startups can be unpredictable, and founders look for people who can roll with the punches and adapt to changes. Highlight times in your career when you have had to adapt to a new situation or learn a new skill quickly.

Passion for the industry: Startups often have an unwavering passion for their mission or product, so expressing your own passion for the industry, the product or service, or the mission of the startup can demonstrate alignment and a shared vision.

Collaboration: Startups value teamwork, so demonstrating that you have experience working collaboratively on projects and are open to feedback and suggestions can show that you’re a good fit.

Creativity: Startups often value out-of-the-box thinking and innovative problem-solving. Showcasing examples of creative thinking and coming up with unique solutions can help you stand out from other candidates.

Technical skills: Startups often require people who can wear multiple hats and have a range of technical skills. Highlight any technical skills that you have that may be relevant to the startup, such as programming languages, software or tools you are proficient in.

Communication skills: Startups require strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Highlight times when you’ve communicated effectively, such as presenting to stakeholders, writing reports, or collaborating with cross-functional teams.

Side projects: If you have worked on side projects, such as creating a mobile app or building a website, highlight them. This can demonstrate your passion for the industry and your ability to work independently to bring ideas to fruition.

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