Allan & Gill Gray Foundation

The philanthropic work of Allan & Gill Gray Foundation is pursued by Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies. The Foundation was established in 2015 by Allan and his wife Gill, partners and soulmates for over 60 years, and their family. It was endowed with the family’s controlling interests in the Orbis and Allan Gray groups of asset managers. The Foundation serves dual purposes, based on a symbiotic relationship between

Business and Philanthropy: Business: To support the long-term success of the Orbis and Allan Gray groups of asset managers in their efforts to add value for clients.

Philanthropy: To devote the fruits of the controlling interests in these firms exclusively to philanthropy. Both are essential to the vision of a society full of hope for all humanity.


The asset management firms focus their efforts on playing a key role in the financial security of hundreds of thousands of clients globally, while our philanthropic work helps individuals and communities to thrive and live with dignity and hope. The philanthropic work began in 1979 when Allan and Gill Gray set up a charitable trust to support organisations working on social and economic needs in South Africa. This was followed by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, founded in 2005, to attack poverty and unemployment by educating and nurturing high impact South African entrepreneurs. Its sister non-profit company, Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy South Africa, works to strengthen that entrepreneurial ecosystem through grant making and incubation of targeted social ventures. With the establishment of Allan & Gill Gray Foundation in 2015, the philanthropic activities pursued under the banner of Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies now have global reach.

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