Allan Gray Makers

The aim is to grow and and accelerate meaningful employment creation through responsible, technical and vocational entrepreneurship in South Africa. Join the Allan Gray Makers team in celebrating the African artisanal innovator by equipping technically talented youth with entrepreneurial skills and exposure to be confidently entrepreneurial and enabling the ecosystem that allows responsible entrepreneurs in technical trades to flourish.

The seed of the Allan Gray Makers programme was first planted in 2018 when the trustees’ ideas about entrepreneurship in Africa gravitated towards technical and vocational trades. At that time, an intervention in the vocation space did not exist in any of the Gray entities and so the Allan Gray Makers programme was born as a pilot project. The aim of the pilot was to prove models that work in this new vocational and technical context in South Africa to accelerate entrepreneurship and create jobs. After experimenting with different models, the pilot would be scaled across the country and later the continent. Learn More HERE


  1. Allan Gray Makers Academy – The Makers Academy aims aims to equip technically talented youth with entrepreneurial skills and exposure so that they can confidently be entrepreneurial Learn More
  2. Allan Gray Makers Hub –  The Allan Gray Makers Hub: aims to support technical and vocational businesses to grow, generate sustainable profits and create meaningful employment and value to society Learn More
  3. Allan Gray Makers Movement – The Allan Gray Makers Movement celebrates and enables the African Artisan Innovators in the technical and vocational industry of South Africam Learn More



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