Unlocking value in Africa’s informal economy

A discussion on the opportunities, roadblocks, enablers, and potential for this segment to drive growth in Africa’s digital economy. For this session, Barene Jankovich-Besan, senior advisor (marketing and business development) at Big Cabal Media spoke with Tesh Mbaabu, co-founder and CEO at Marketforce, Ademola Adesina, co-founder of Sabi, Dip Patel, global head of financial services at Wasoko, Ismael Belkhayat, founder and CEO, Chari, and Dr Michael Olabisi, assistant professor at MSU. The Future of Commerce 2022 was brought to you by TechCabal in partnership with Moniepoint by TeamApt and was sponsored by dLocal, KasuwaGo, and QoreID.

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