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Instagram video has become a powerful way for you to connect more deeply with fans, pilot new projects and share more of your talents. With in-stream video ads, you have another way to earn money from the content that you work so hard to produce.

 A creator talks to the camera in an Instagram video.

How to earn with Instagram in-stream video ads

When you monetise content on Instagram, you are giving brands the ability to promote themselves within the videos you create.

How much you earn will be based on the number of views your video generates (aka monetisable plays).

You’ll get 55% of the ad revenue generated per view that will be paid monthly. Once ads have been enabled, new monetisation metrics can be found in Insights.

Instagram video lingo you should know


How to get started with in-stream video ads

Turn on monetisation

In just a few taps, you can turn on monetisation and start earning on your Instagram videos.

Step 1: Go to your “Account settings”. From here, tap “Creator”, then “In-stream video ads”.

Step 2: Tap “Get Started”, read and agree to the terms, toggle to “Allow monetisation” on your existing Instagram videos, then tap “Continue” to finish.

Set up direct deposit

To set up direct deposit, you’ll need your SSN or EIN number and bank or PayPal information handy. Make sure that you first enter your payout info during onboarding. You can also change your info in “Settings”.

Am I eligible?

Make sure that you comply with our Instagram Partner Monetisation PoliciesCommunity Guidelines, be 18+ and have a professional account (creator or business).

In-stream video ads are currently available to selected creators in the US, UK and Australia and expanding throughout the year.


Sharpen your in-stream video ads game

Content must be your own

Content you share must be your own and you need to own the rights to any music used. Also, for video length, 2-4 minutes is the sweet spot.

Turn on feed previews to earn

In-stream video ads appear when people click to watch Instagram videos from previews in their feed. And as videos only earn based on feed views, you must have feed previews toggled ON.

Keep it friendly

All videos go through an advertiser safety review. To understand more about what content is considered advertiser safe, view our Content Monetisation Policies.

Earn with only 2+ minute videos

Your video needs to be 2 minutes or more to monetise (sweet spot, 2-4 minutes). Static images, polls, looping videos, slideshows or text montages won’t qualify.

Maximise your earnings; avoid engagement baiting

If your video incentivises people to click on a link or solicits engagement in exchange for extreme behaviour, it may not be monetisable.

Instagram video creation

Want to learn more about making killer Instagram videos? Head to the Instagram video page.


Wild creativity and earnings with Mike Holston

Instagram video helped scientist, Mike Holston, @therealtarzann , get more comfortable in his creativity by allowing him to make longer-format content. He said, “It’s also a great way to enjoy the process of creating content for conservation purposes and get paid for it.”

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